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COMMING SOON ( Agsilverdojo Silver Stacking (Woman's) Apparel "Spring/Summer Collection"



Agsilverdojo Silver Stacking (WOMAN'S) Apparel, starting off with spring/summer t-shirt attire (sizes) sm, med, lg, Xl , i have designed and created , i will be offering ( my "Trademark/logo"t-shirt) with lettering on sleeves (Dont Hold...Dont Own) and my (Ag) yin yang logo on front, And other designs created by Agsilverdojo Bullion and creator/designer (Jason Scott) Im looking to make Agsilverdojo Bullion into not just creating/designing coins/rounds but attire, Apparel and brand. (Coins & Clothing) And this apparel is focasing on the silver stacker / Silver bug and silver collecting community with offering them t-shirts attire with silver stacking slogans and my own designs created from my silver .999 fine silver coins/rounds my first T-Shirts will be (my logo/trademark) and (Silver Skull) design and these colors and designs I have chosen for the Silver Stacking Woman in mind, My long term goal and vision and dream is to make my trademark /logo and Agsilverdojo Silver Stacking Apparel into a brand for Silver Stackers with slogans and lingo I know 1st hand because I am a hard core silver stacker and silverbug, and then got into minting my own designs and soon series and now with this new clothing line it opens doors to all new creative and unique ideas and can use my same designs to further my goals, aspirations and dreams and one single objective and whole motivation for getting into stacking and micro minting is to secure a future for my young son so he is protected and safe from what I believe is comming and inevitable is a huge crash of our economy and monatary system and I know the key to survival besides 1st water, food, fire, and firearms is silver as it will get us thru the reset and on the other side the biggest transfer of wealth of all time and history as silver explodes to the upside and will even outshine the yellow metal and silver will be gold on steroids and one day the new name for it will be " unafordiam and unatainium" that quote was from mike Maloney! Anyway just keep stacking and always buy physical , because in the end it will be all about the oz count and us stackers were smart enough to have some, anyway I love to educate and that's why I call my silver bullion buisness a (dojo) and love to open the eyes of the ones still sleeping, the sheeple, I believe the most important stacker is the newbie and now I may of found another avenue for spreading awareness , as I started doing it with coin designs and now hoping this new Silver Stacking Apparel helps open more eyes and I can help another family and father to protect his children and I know Silver is that key and if u have done as much research as I have then u know aswell that all the writing is on the wall and we are on borrowed time and right now is a opertunity of a lifetime that jp manipulations and the banking cartel and fraudulent no reserves are giving us with there suppressed and manipulated silver , we should do as they do and horde as much as you can like they are and thank them for this gift of silver being on sale and opertunity that will never happen again, anyway prices are not set yet, please check back on website for pricing, hope to have my 5 t-Shirt designs (7) t-shirts, released by june 1st 2017 , the sizes will start with ( Sm. Med. Large. Extra Large) i will be offeing free shipping ( Domestic Only) thank you , i know you and anyone from the silver stacking community will really like these new t-shirts made with the silver stacker/silverbug in mind as this will be my 1st releases from my new "Agsilverdojo Silver Stacking Apparel" also depending on how these 1st 200 t-shirts sell (5)new designs (1) my logo/trademark and (2) from my Silver Skull Collection) my 1st in series Silver Skull from my plata power series ,1 oz .999 fine silver proof and , antique coins/rounds, limited mintages and custom display boxes (standard) and (premium) aswell as matching (COA) certificate of auth. Coins/rounds numbered and capsuled. Sent in nice velvet black bag.Shipped In black bubble envelopes, free shipping always (domestic only) please come back and check out these nice designs Spring/summer t-shirts and looking into depending on how well these sell i will be looking into fall/winter hoodies with the same (3) designs with lettering on the sleeves. ( Silver Skull) and ( Dont Hold...Dont Own) my 1st .999 fine silver proof/antique coun/rounds in series and our slogan/motto and words to live by " If You Don't Hold It...U Don't Own It" and shortened it like I did on my 1st release "Silver Skull" ( Don't Hold...Don't Own)

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