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Agsilverdojo Silver Stackin Apparel ( SILVER SKULL) 7 COLORS


Agsilverdojo Silver Agsilverdojo Bullion Presents our Silver Stacking Apparel, Comming Soon 2017 starting off with Fall/Winter Collection (Hoodie) Sweatshirts (sizes) sm, med, lg, Xl , 2XL , i have designed and created 36 new designs for (men) and (woman) ,My (trademark/logo) The (Ag) inside the Yin Yang ,Then (1st in plata power series (Silver Skull) And sneak peak at #2 “ Recovery Or Death”And “DONT Hold Dint Own” holding Silver Skull Antique round) I'm creating this new Silver Stacking Apparel Collection with the silver community and Silver Stackers/Silverbugs at heart and in mind with our lingo/slogans/ and motto's , Im looking to make Agsilverdojo Bullion into not just creating/designing coins/rounds but Attire And Apparel brand with my 1st Collection to be a Fall/winter (Hoodie ) Collection and then spring/summer collection of T-shirts /Tank tops And this Apparel/Attire is made for Silver Stackers made by a Silver Stacker, creator/designer and micro minter,I’m a sole proprietor Entrepreneur and I design and create everything myself and only have a couple people so far on the Agsilverdojo Bullion & Apparel Sales team , I have a graphic designer that is currently putting all my new coin designs /series onto vector file images to be mint ready and to create a portfolio of my new designs and new series for any future prospect investors who would love to join my team and grow my visions, aspirations and dream to make this new micro minting and Apparel business into a recognized new silver stacking brand Domestic and international, with our motto's , slogans and lingo on each shirt, and trademark/logo on the rear neck of each sweatshirt ,t-shirt Or tank top as a seal of my approval and I only use the greatest heavyweight material ( GILDAN) It is my vision to have my trademark/logo/name be a brand someday soon and have not just my designs made for just silver coins/rounds but use the designs from my coins and make great silver stacking Apparel and Attire to put us stackers on the map and spread awareness and open the eyes of the ones still asleep and wake them up to Silver the white metal that will out shine and out perform the yellow metal as silver explodes to the upside and like setting off a silver bomb as silver will be like gold on steroids! the prices are not set yet, please check back on website for pricing, hope to have my 1st 50 designs released by june-July 2018 , the sizes will start with ( Sm. Med. Large. Extra Large, 2XL ) i will be offeing free shipping ( Domestic Only) thank you , i know you and anyone from the silver stacking community will really like these new (Hoodies) Sweatshirts made with the silver stacker/silverbug in mind as this will be my 1st releases from my new "Agsilverdojo Silver Stacking Apparel" Fall/winter and spring/summer collection! also depending on how these 1st 200 t-shirts sell (36) in all so far created and designed ( (28) new designs for (men) and (8) new designs for (woman) I have my logo/trademark and (2) from my ( Plata power series ) with sneak peak at #2 in series “ Recovery Or Death” which is a awareness coin/round in This epidemic in addiction and recovery from addiction that is plagued America for too long and lately killing and affecting 1 out of 3 people whether it’s a family member , friend, loved one or someone you may work with, this Reaper Addiction is not preduduce and doesn’t care if you are young or old, black or white, man or woman, or rich or poor it is here to steal your life and addiction has been a big part of my story as I have written a blog my story “ From rock bottom to rocking silver in recovery” I am one of the lucky ones who found the way out and that is Recovery , this new coin design in series will have a grim reaper holding a hour glass of bone that says “ Recovery Or Death” And a time clock with Roman numeral numbers around the coin/round, it will have doves to represent recovery and the grim reaper to represent Death , the grim reaper is holding cards from a deck of aces and eights the dead mans hand, it will have (Fine) on one of the 5 cards and on his other hand ( .999 ) to represent the purity of the silver in the coin , also from my 1st in series “ Silver Skull” I have a design called ( Dont Hold Dont Own) with Skeleton Hands holding the silver skull coin/round. I have my 1st in series Silver Skull from my plata power series ,1 oz .999 fine silver proof and , antique coins/rounds, limited mintages and custom display boxes (standard) and (premium) aswell as matching (COA) certificate of auth. Coins/rounds numbered and capsuled. Released since the beginning of the 2017 year with 2016 being the official mintage year of coin/round . They will be sent in nice velvet black bags ,Shipped In black bubble envelopes, free shipping always (domestic only) please come back and check out these nice designs and my new silver stacking Apparel Fall/winter which is on sale now and then in Spring/summer will have my t-shirts and tank tops, depending on how well these sell i will be looking into more creative and unique designs with writing and fonts on the sleeves of the hoodies, t-shirts ( Silver Skull) my 1st .999 fine silver proof/antique coun/rounds in series and our slogan/motto and words to live by " If You Don't Hold It...U Don't Own It" and shortened it like I did on my 1st release "Silver Skull" ( Don't Hold...Don't Own) and skeleton Hands (what's ur oz count) and and ( till death do we stack) anyway please enjoy my 1st (36) new designs that are for sale now and I’m offering a 10% discount code on my 1st in series “Silver Skull” coin/round when you buy one of my sweatshirt (Hoodies) And also I offer mintage matching on the 1st 100 mintage numbers on each finish ( Proof) and ( antique) and during pre-sales I will email the “Silver Skull” coin customers who have the 1st 100 mintage numbers and offer them there same mintage numbers on rest of series and 10% discount code to be used at checkout on the next in series “ Recovery Or Death” Apon Pre-sales . Well enjoy and remember “ If U Don’t Hold It .. U Don’t Own It “ so only buy and hold physical! “ KEEP STACKIN” because I’m the end it won’t be how much fiat dollars you have or own but how many ounces u own and what is ur oz count is!!

Everyone needs a go-to, cozy sweatshirt to curl up in, so go for one that's soft, smooth, and stylish. It's also perfect for cooler evenings!

• 50% cotton/50% polyester
• Reduced pilling and softer air-jet spun yarn
• Double-lined hood
• 1x1 athletic rib knit cuffs and waistband with spandex
• Double-needle stitching throughout
• Front pouch pocket

Size guide

  S M L XL 2XL
Length (inches) 26 27 28 29 30
Width (inches) 20 22 24 26 28

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