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Agsilverdojo Silver Stackin Apparel (Hoodie)( Collection) (“ FUKIN TROLL”) 2 Colors


This design is for all the silver stackers, silver bugs 🐜 and YouTube channels, Facebook pages, instagram, linked, tumblr, snap chat, and all social media and truth channels who have been trolled, me myself have experienced it and I can’t say it did not piss me off and I wanted to do ill will to them but most I noticed are just keyboard warriors living in mommy’s basement living off her welfare check spending her only money 💰 on beer and thinking they are real men and tuff guys and instead of getting mad now ( YOU MAD BRO) I just laugh at them and just pitty them! So this hoodie design is for all of them FUKIN TROLLS are out there .. kiss our asses and get a life and stop hating because u are just jealous and that is the real truth behind a troll!

These are for prototype photo’s only)

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