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The Silver Bomb (Mike Macdonald)

Introduction: The Silver Bomb is a crash course into reality. Not the reality so called spoon-fed to a comfortably numb populace by our baught and paid for mainstream media ,but rather an accurate assessment of many of the imminent threats currently arrayed against a largely unsuspecting public. "We are in trouble" that is one over-arching message of "The Silver Bomb"

Two key points which the author drives home to their readers are:

1. "If u don't hold it..u don't own it" physical assets must be in your possession in order to be concidered safe in this trying and turbulent economic environment and:

2."Now is already passed the moment for action" when the balloon goes up, the time to prepare will be over . Take what little time is left to learn the facts (rapidly) and make haste to finalize whatever preparations you can before the bomb goes off .." The Silver Bomb" that is

The Silver Bomb is absolutely need-to -know information. The time to prepare is almost at a end . Arm yourself with the knoledge contained in this book . Make haste. And may you make good speed.

This book is my 1st read and look into silver and the economics of silver and it opened my sleeping eyes from a false dream I was living in and helped me see for the 1st time what " real money " is and it's not that fiat paper promises called the dollar that is backed by nothing but debt and I found out what " real money" was and that is " silver" as stated in our constitution under the tender law act article 1 section 10 ...silver and gold be only money and legal tender for public and private debts and there shall be no substitutes! And anything but silver and gold is counterfeit and the punishment is death, so why can a private bank non federal that has no reserves and makes your money " currency " out of thin air and nothing happens to them the government as to death or any punishment but instead became the norm and "we the sheeple" and people still sleeping follow the herd as they steal your wealth from something they created from nothing and call it money with no tangible wealth or store of wealth behind it? Anyway after reading this book " The Silver Bomb" not only am I awake but I no longer can sleep knowing this ponsey scheem but what helps me sleep is knowing what real money is and that is " SILVER" something with thousands of years as history as money, something that has no counterparty risk " when u hold physical " so never get into the manipulated silver paper game"! And silver hedges from inflation, provides security and safety in economic uncertainty, and insurance that you and your family, your children will survive any crisis , silver is more rare then gold and only undervalued through manipulation and suppression and the gov and fed can not let nothin comptete with there mighty dollar the global reserve currency,the petro dollar, they have to hold it down and sell us paper debt notes, silver has both retail demand and industrial demand and its used in everything from the electronics your using to read this intro to the tv u watch or video game u play, from solar power to even medicine and there is no substitutes, before the suppression and manipulations from the banking cartel ,corrupt gov the silver to gold racio was always close to 16-1 and over time it has jumped up to today's ratio of about 75-1 to 80-1 , it is the most undervalued asset but yet the rarest metal on the periodic table of elements as they say silver will be the 1st metal to go extinct off the periodic table of elements because it's being used faster then it is comming out of the ground and it's hitting landfills to never be recycled and lost forever , less then a hundred years ago it was estimated that all global in the ground silver was aprox 10 billion ounces and today aprox 1 blllion is left so that is about 1 billion ounces every 10 years disappearing and at that rate and calculations silver will be extinct by aprox 2027 and we will have not just a shortage but none for sale and the silver that is left in ones hoard or jewelry that you wear will be almost priceless and a quote from mike Maloney ,CEO of silver,gold.com and author of " hidden secrets of money" series in books and YouTube and so worth watching, anyway he quotes " silver one day will be so rare that the new name will be " unatainium and unafordium" and also silver will be the greatest transfer of wealth in history and of all time for the ones who hold physical, and I heard another quote " silver will be gold on steriods " And silver will not only go parity with gold 1-1 but it will outshine and surpass the yellow metal altogether because the gold that was here thousands of years ago is still here today and the same case can't be said for silver as it's disappearing to all the uses to never come back or seen again ,I know wholeheartedly that this is the truth and the information in this book is the truth and in the last few years silver and economics became my passion and today I am "All In" and as you know started my own silver bullion buisness of micro minting my own silver rounds and designs/series and silver bullion sales aswell as have a silver forum & economic academy to teach the newbie silver stacker about silver, its history of being only real money and all it's property's, I also have my own motto for Agsilverdojo Bullion " Silver the element of change, prosperity, security and only real money" and I believe in silver so much that I am putting my sons future and security into it " All In" well I want to offer you a preview of this book " The Silver Bomb" in a (PDF) and if u take the time to read the 21 page preview I know you too will want to keep reading and won't want to stop the wealth of knoledge and eye opening experience you are getting from reading it, I am going to try and get full copy's for sale in paperback and PDF and offer the book for sale on my website at a good discount because I want to share with you my eye opener and the book that had me change course in my life and in my beliefs and thinking what true wealth and real money is and the biggest opertunity in a investment that is here today and will be gone tomarrow, I believe we have a small window of opertunity to capitalize on buying physical silver and the investment potential is endless and the safety,security it provides is priceless, thank you guys and I suggest you read the free preview and buy the book , if not by me and I can't work something out with mike McDonald then you can buy a copy on his website (TheSilverBomb.com) or (Amazon ) for $4.99 and that will be the best 4.99 u ever spend and a investment,hedge, security, safety, protection and insurance you will ever find and it in "Silver" physical " Silver"! So start stacking and keep stacking! And may the book enlighten you and giving you as much as it has me, Also I have a link to "Hidden Secrets of money " by mike Maloney another great author And economist in silver and gold and one of my favorites that teaches you what real money is ..and isn't, you can check out his link to his full series of videos on the links below, I know once you read " The Silver Bomb" and watch the " Hidden secrets of Money video series ,your eyes will to be open for the first time and you will see the man behind the curtain and it will all be revealed to you what " real money" and " real wealth" is and you too will finally be able to fall back asleep knowing how to protect yourself and your family from economic uncertainty and your future . Sincerly,

Jason Scott

For free preview PDF ( THE SILVER BOMB) please go to bottom of my page to links and hit the link and the PDF preview will be there.