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My story and how Agsilverdojo came about, my story is called..."FROM ROCK BOTTOM TO ROCKING SILVER IN RECOVERY”

"Because Rock Bottom Became The Solid Foundation On Which I Rebuilt My Life"

Hello I previously entered into this Spotify "get your Shopify buisness or story published" online Shopify success story's even if I am not yet a success yet in the buisness world or am I a established, recognized creator/designer, and micro minter of privately minted custom silver semi nusimatic rounds/coins but I think my story deserves recognition and Im successful to my wife and son and already rich in life and second chances anyway when I first submitted my story to shopifey I left out some details that I think are very inspirational and important to share with someone new to Shopify or starting out as a new entrepreneur and first time buisness owner and I don't know if even my story will get picked to profile so I decided to open up to my new customers or any future wholesalers or investors and be open and honest of who I am and where I have come from and share my experience ,strength and hope like we do in the halls of recovery when we openly tell our story's in hopes it may help or save another addicts life and with this story inspire anyone with a drug problem or high school drop out or someone who thinks that something is impossible and share my story and tell them that's not true, anything is possible and if I can and did do it and found my way out of the darkness and find a new meaning to life and to give my son a real father and chance at life that I never had growing up, so I will open up with " u don't have to have a college degree , nor do u have to be extremely intelligent, u just have to have a vision and reason that keeps you motivated and perseverance to never give up on yourself or stop trying or believing in yourself and you have to be passionate about what u are selling and being successful is not making lots of money working for someone else while hating your job and what u are doing..being successful is doing what u love to do and getting paid for it and you controlling the outcome of your succsess or frailer and the determining factor is what u put into it..u get out of it"! Anyway all my life I've always felt that I didn't want to be bossed around or work hard for someone else and have them reap all the rewards of your hard work but instead be your own boss and pretty much be a leader and not the follower and that is the one biggest thing I try everyday to tell my young son as he is growing up and another is he can be and do whatever he wants to in life if he just puts his mind to it and follows through and believes in himself even if others don't believe in you, that you can not controll others or anything outside yourself but you can controll what u want to do and the decisions u make in life, no u can't controll the outcome but u can definitely your own future or atleast minimize some bad things in life that may happen with just thinking everything through like as if u are playing a game of chess where u have to think 3 or more moves ahead because with every action comes a reaction and u want to controll the board or outcome of the game or the game of life and you being the winner and calling checkmate instead of being checkmated! Anyway I did not learn these things in any school books or degrees but I learned them because I lived them through experiences that I never want my son to have to experience himself , I want to tell you a little about myself and my own struggles and trials and tribulations in my own life and maybe inspire one of your readers that if I could of overcame everything that life had thrown at me or the bad decisions I've made in life due to growing up without a father and having to find out things and learn things on my own and if I can just inspire one person with my story and it helps them in life and that it is never too late to change course and direction and better your life because I am living proof of that and today I'm a great father and I'm there for my son and I try even harder to teach him everything and be there for him because I know what it feels like to not have a father or any direction in my life and know the mistakes and bad decisions I have made due to not having a father or guide to help steer me in the right direction so my story goes that I will call " From Rock Bottom To Rocking Silver In Recovery" from the begining I've found myself on the wrong side of the law, a high school drop out , a life of crime and jails and prisons and a drug addict, I am now 45 and for the last 35 years since I can remember I have been making the wrong decisions and a lot of that was a direct result of not having a father to guide me or a silver spoon in my mouth as I grew up very poor and I would at a very young age go with my mother to the Salvation Army for clothes and we grew up in housing on food stamps and could not afford anything so because I had no direction of right from wrong I started to steal the things that other kids had that my mother could not afford for me, I remember I always had this need to have either the same as the other kids or even have more and most of my life I had that in me , I was diagnosed with also having (ADHD) attention deficit hyper disorder and bypolar and I had to go see phyc doctors that told my mother that I also had socialpathic tendencies meaning I thought that the rules did not apply to me, and there diagnosis at that time was that they seen me being in jails and institutions all my life but yet I had a very very high IQ for my age and when I was interested in something that I had the smarts to be anything from a lawyer to even a doctor but I just could not apply myself or because of my (ADHD) I could not focas enough on anything long enough to ever bring out my full potential so the 1st of the diognosis had come true and they were right because in school I could not pay attention and I would act out a lot and misbehave and thinking back I did it for a lot of attention that I did not have at home or I was trying hard to make friends by showing off and I did that and continued to get in to trouble not only in school but with the law and at the age of 14 I was sent to a juvenile detention center and that took me out of school and everytime I got out I would somehow find myself in another jackpot and back in until I turned the age 17 and the juvenile system had enough of me so they remanded my case to a adult and at 17 found myself in the real jail " the big house" and that was the end of my school years and I never completed 10th grade and instead of gaining book smarts I was picking up street and jail house smarts and instead of jail being a teterant it just made me smarter in ways to do bigger crimes and I found drugs and it was drugs that I felt took me out of myself and I didn't care about anything or anybody and it was all about finding my next high and doing even more crime to pay for my next high and that went on and went from just jail to prision and the even bigger house! Well then I think God intervened into my life at this time and I met a girl that I was just crazy about and she was also into the same lifestyle as me and she not only became my new girlfriend but my partner in crime and for the next 5 years it was a roller coaster and like ground hog day where it was like the same day and same thing day in and day out ,both of us doing things illegal to find now our next high and in and out of jail like a revolving door till 2006 she took a pregnancy test and it came out positive and 1 month after I was arrested on a fugitive warrant and went back into prision but this time something was diffrent, this time I actually cared about being in there because I thought about the baby she was carrying of mine and I got on my hands and knees and prayed to god that if he helped me get out of this jail I would seek treatment and be a father to that baby and found out that baby was going to be my son, anyway somehow by only the grace of god I got a chance to get out of jail and go to a treatment center and I started my journey into recovery and even got my pregnant girlfriend into a treatment center for woman in the same town that I was in treatment, well I graduated my treatment center and moved into a sober house in the same city so I could stay close to my pregnant girlfriend and one morning my sober house master came into my room and said I had to get into Boston and at the hospital because my girlfriend was in labor and I did everything I had to 2 hours away to get there in 2 hours , well my son was born and he was born early and a premi and had a lot of problems because him being over 2 months early and with complication after complication my newborn son almost did not make it and both me and my girlfriend were praying and praying and asking god if he let our son live we together would change our lives and give this little boy a real chance and life and again by the grace of god he granted our prayers and my son fraught and fraught and he lived and now is our miricle baby and we both together made good on our promiss and we stayed clean and in recovery and when she graduated her treatment for pregnant woman we got onto the list for housing and found a place for her,the baby and myself and in 2009 three years later we got married and we too recovery serious because for the 1st time in both our lives we had someone that needed us and needed a mother and father and that especially hit even harder for me as I never wanted to be like my own father and wanted so bad to be the best father I could be and give this new boy a chance at life I never had and make sure he never had to make my mistakes and I would be there to teach him and guide him and give him the life I never had and this brings me to 2015 still in recovery " both me and the wife" but still struggling with bills and food and everyday things and I had to find a way to make our lives better and protect my son from what I believe is comming and that's the next economic crash and just had to find a way to not only protect my son now or thru a crisis but to prosper from it on the other side and give my son a chance at life and protect him and secure him and his future and it brings me to this next chapter in my story and life that I submitted prior to this but had left out my experience, strength and now want to tell you of the next part and that's hope so I will continue my story here...

I seen a very shaky economy and needed to find something i believed in that would secure my sons future from economic uncertaintees as i see us headed for a major crisis at minimum a huge resession, about 3 years ago i looked into a couple diffrent investments and store of wealth that had very little counterparty risks that offered both investment propertys aswell as safety and security from what i feel is comming to our american shores and that is the economic crisis due to poor monatary handling from our fedral reserve and the debt and divivitive bubble that the banks have us in all over again since the 2008 crisis that was never really delt with but more so bailed out the big banks and created a even bigger crisis with our global gtp so low aswell as zero intrest rates and a growing and uncontrollable debt clock reaching almost 20 trillion and doubling that debt since the 2008 crisis and the lowest unemployment rate ever and struggling to make ends meet i just had to find a solution and i found silver the most undervaled asset with the biggest potentials to not only surrvive this next crisis but prosper from it and at the same time secure and protect my sons future with silver having the lowest counterparty risk of any other assets out there as long as you hold the metal phyisical, so i took the next year researching silver to find out all the propertys it held as not just a monatary metal with a history going back thousands of years as money as it even states in our constitution that silver is the only legal tender to settle debts public and private ,so with silver being a monatary metal and has retail value it also has industrial value and so many uses such as being used in electronics, solar power and even medicine, so i finally had what i was looking for and it had everything i was looking for to secure my sons future so i started hoarding silver and collecting it as not only insurance but a hedge aswell as safety, security and protection and i really loved how silver felt in my hand and feeling real tangible wealth and not fiat paper backed by nothing but debt and that was the us dollar the global reseve curancy, anyway i stated collecting coins and at first it was all about the oz count and buying as much as i could as close to spot as i could but then i started liking cool designs and premium rounds/coins that were semi nusismatic, and i found a creator/designer that i really liked its designs and that was (SBSS) silver bullet silver shield, and i collected and collected and one day i said to myself " wow i would love to have my own round/coin design out there that will be here long after i am gone and i wanted to share them and the knolege i had about silver and the propertys it held along with the protection it brought and i started to create my own designs with the vision of one day minting them and me now being whats called a "silver stacker/silver bug" i knew the type of designs that were out there and also knew what was out there in the silver stacking and colletor world of silver rounds/coins designs and i also knew for such a small market it had huge potential for profit and room for another creator/designer and micro minter of private semi numismatic silver rounds/coins and also i seen that some of the premiums over spot were sometimes not only double that of just silver spot but sometimes from 100% or even up to 1000% over the spot price if i had a design that was universally liked and had a very low mintage to keep the round/coin rare, so after a year or so of stacking i had the idea to create my own designs and have them minted and have silver grow me silver by minting my own designs i knew there was a huge potential for profit and at same time very little counter party risk so i looked into finding the best silver minting companies with a long history and great reputation that i could have mint my designs i started to create and i found (osborne coin mint) the oldest mint in the united states and seen some of there work and started the processs of minting my 1st design " silverskull" from my 1st series i wanted to release " plata power series" so i took the next year working on that and learning the ins and outs of minting and the diffrent finishes and the fees for the dies that strike the round/coin and learned every option avail to me and i wanted to have not only the best quality but i wanted the most rare and to do that u have to keep the mintage very low so i decided on doing (proof) finish as i saw that was the most desireable finish aswell as the (antique) which was picking up quickly in popularity so decided on a limited mintage (proof) 1000 total mintage and (antique) 500 total mintage and keep my upcomming series at that low mintage to keep rare and also i had to find a theme or have a very unique style of designing of my own and took the next year designing and creating new ideas and then thought about the custom display boxes and (COA) certificate of auth. And started to design and create them but 1st i had to come up with a name for my new silver bullion buisness of micro minting and came up with (Agsilverdojo Bullion) the (AG) is the atomic letters for silver on the periodic table of elements that stand for (silver) and (dojo) is a academy in the chinese/japinese ethic culture and i didnt want to just sell my new designs but i wanted to educate aswell about silver and its propertys and everything it offered aswell as the rarity as they say silver will be the 1st metal on the periodic table to go extinct, and since i knew of not just its rarity but its potential and being the most undervaled asset out there with the biggest potential gains as i wholeheartly believe silver will be so rare one day that they will be calling it " unatainium and unafordiam" and i got that quote from one of my favorite silver economists and bullion dealer CEO "mike malloney" also the author of " hidden secrets of money series" anyway i also wanted to teach and share my knolege of silver as i believe in it more then any other thing ive ever believed in and with history and facts behind it and my beliefs, so next was i had to create a design for my silver bullion name so i chose the (Ag) big (A) and small (g) and put them side by side inside a ying yang representing (dojo) in chinese/japinese so i worked on the design to what u see today and next i had to figure out how i was going to market them/ avertising them and biggest where to sell them and i knew ebay fees were so much that there nickname is fee-bay so i wanted my own website but i just did not have any experience in computers and started looking for someone to build my website with barely no money or very very little as i had it all invested in minting my 1st design in the series, so i put up ads and got replies but the prices were just so beyond what i had or could afford so i started to look into ways to do it myself and i came across shopify and started reading reviews and watching video's and said to myself " u can do this ..and your sons future is at stake here" so i bought the cheapest subscription 14.99 a month to start building it but lock the cart so nobody could purchess anything until i was l ready for my 1st release " sikverskull" and start selling, so i worked on this website with trial and error and i can say it was alot easier then i thought it would be and it was as simple as drag and drop but i really wanted a really nice website so i took my time and it took me 5 months ,dont get discouraged because at same time im still creating designs and more series, marketing/avertising/ sending out proposals for wholesalers that i could sell my silver rounds/coins too and wholesalers to buy from that i liked and wanted to sell there stuff on my website, like cool poured ingots and fractional rounds like 1 gram to 1/10 oz bars and coins for barter reasons if ever needed so and i believe in the near future we may, anyway i was also sending out proposals for a investor ,someone that could help me with the capital and finaces needed to get my designs and series on the market faster and mint them faster while this small window of opertunity exsists where silver is so undervalued, also i was looking for afiliations/partnerships that we could help one another avertise and market , and also im still creating and designing the custom display boxes are nd (COA) and searching for wholesalers to buy my supplies from, i never knew just how involved you have to be and what it would really take to start my own buisness and online buisness and ive never worked harder in these past 2 years or ever had this much passion and perservence or motivation to do anything in my life until i got into silver and started this silver bullion buisness and what drives me everyday is wanting to protect my son from all this economic uncertaintee and want to protect and give him a life and future that i never had , anyway im doing presales now and almost ready to release my 1st silver proof/antique round " sikverskull" and while im waiting for the rest of the finances to finish the minting processs and start selling i came up with another option and way to sell my 1st design and that is to make "proof 1oz .999 fine silver round/coin pendant chain/necklaces out of " silverskull" and i have made the 1st prototypes and found the wholesale suppliers and that is also waiting on the rest of finances to finish the minting process and hoping i will be selling within 30-45 days, and i just finished the last details on my website from shopify this week and it looks great and better tgen i ever amagined it could or i could make it with no prior experience and just want to say to anyone wanting to start there own buisness that anything is possible as long as you have a vision,short and long term goals, perserverance, and a reason to motivate you everyday like i had and that is my son and his future and that will push you and have you doing things u never dreamed u could and it all starts with that that vision and with that reason you will end with a success , I have my 1st design I created " Silverskull " 1oz .999 fine silver proof/antique rounds/coins , and proof coin pendant chain necklaces, with custom display boxes (standard) and ( premium) and (COA) certificate of auth. Comming out next week as of this writing And I just submitted my # 2 and #3 designs in series to the mint to start the minting process and hope to have those released by end of year, and I'm very happy and very proud of myself for finally putting in action and going for it with so much against me but with perseverance I believe anything you put your heart and mind too ,with some sacrafice, determination, motivation and positiveness with short and long term goals and vision anything can happen and you can make happen and believe our past does not have to dictate our future because if Did then I would be in one of 3 places today and that is jails, institutions or death, and I would not be the great father I have become and my son wouldn't have a father he needs to teach him and help him grow into a young man,I would love for anyone reading my story to check out my website and silver bullion buisness Agsilverdojo Bullion at (Agsilverdojo.com) and read my blog posts I try and put up weekly /monthly about silver and silver economics, and would like to share with you my motto for Agsilverdojo Bullion " silver the element of change,prosperity, security and only real money" and also " if u don't hold it...u don't own it" so always buy physical something tangible u can hold that Carrys no counterparty risks and out of the fiat paper system, and know if I can do this with just a small vision and a reason you too can make your dreams a reality and make any dream come true, and like to thank Shopify for such a great and easy website platform not only to build but to sell from so very cheap and u can't beat the great customer support and there willingness to help you and all the education that they push out everyday for the new entrepreneurs and the newbie that wants to start a new online buisness that has very little knoledge and education, they make it very simple and I know this because I myself had no prior experience and I not only created/designed it myself but I superseded all expectations and love my Shopify website and highly recommend them and there team of experienced customer support highly! Thank you Jason Scott (Agsilverdojo.com)

Below is some of my video presentations and the direction I’m headed as I invision and dream of becoming one of the next most unique and creative micro minters of silver rounds/coins and I’m highly driven to achieve success for my sons future in hopes I find a investor who believes in my talent and second chances in life and gives me the opportunity to help me expand into a brand and get my designs into the wholesale market with the bigger bullion dealers and my apparel brand into the wholesale retail market .