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Agsilverdojo Bullion Sales

Welcome to Agsilverdojo Bullion Sales.

My name is Jason scott I am an aspiring creator/designer , sole proprietor entrepreneur of micro mintages, private minted semi numismatic 1oz .999 fine silver proof/ antique rounds/ coins, as of 2017 i have released my 1st series ( plata power) of 6 rounds to be released, starting with my Inaugural 1st  in series "Silver Skull " on obverse of design, and on (reverse) of design  my trademark/logo (Ag) stands for silver on the periodic table of elements with (47) and (107.8) being the atomic numbers, and the (yin yang) wrapped around it to represent (Dojo) "Economic  academy"  It has a limited mintage (proof) 1000 and even more limited mintage (antique) finish 500 that will never exceed mintage for each finish, each comes with your choice of custom display box ( standard box) and higher (premium box) also a matching C.O.A. ( certificate of auth) rounds/ coins numbered matching (COA) Certificate Of Auth, please enjoy my Inaugural 1st ever round/coin in series "Silver Skull " and 1st in my very 1st series " Plata power" and hope you come back and check out the rest in my "Plata Power Series" of 6 as they are released, and currently working on my next series and putting all my new uniquely created designs into vector file images to be mint ready and to be struck once I get up the finances and capital to bring this silver stacking community designs that are unique and will be universally desired by our whole community and build my reputation as a recognized high quality creator/designer of privately minted semi numismatic .999 fine silver micro mintage rounds/coins , Im also in process of starting my own Silver Stacking t-shirt Apparel /attire Spring/Summer Collection and fall winter hoodie collection for (men) and (woman) and offer more then just silver rounds/coins to the silver community but offer them apparel with our slogans, and motto's with my custom creative unique designs and help spread more awareness about silver and all its thousands of uses and property's and just how rare and one day priceless metal silver truly is as it will one day be the greatest transfer of wealth and they say silver will be the 1st metal on the periodic table of elements to go extinct and we know what happens to something rare so what do u think will happen to the price of silver once its close to extinction? Yes silver will explode to the upside and in the end it will be all about the oz count and we stackers were smart enough to have some, silver will be gold on steroids and outshines the yellow metal as it goes parity 1-1 with gold and then surpass it altogether as the new name for silver will be "unafordium and unatainium" I got that quote from (mike Maloney) and believe he is right! And if this 1st Spring/Summer tshirt Apparel Collection goes well I have already started designs for a fall/winter Collection for both (men) and (woman) using some of the most popular selling designs from the spring/summer collection and new designs that will be creative and unique and I am making all my designs with the silver stacker / silverbugs and silver community of collectors and stackers in mind and I'm trying to make Agsilverdojo a recognized Brand domestic and internationally with my Trademark/logo a new brand for Silver Bullion rounds/coins, my custom "wear ur stack" proof coin pendant chain necklaces and Clothing/apparel,                           You might ask why the premiums are so high on a collector coin or semi numismatic coin, there are a couple factors involved and to start u are buying a design you may like which has universal appeal and also something with a very low limited mintage, you can buy yes say American eagle, maple leafs, something the mint or government puts out with a bird or dead president that has mintages in the hundreds of thousands to million mintage or you can buy a design that has creativity and uniqueness with a universal theme that catches your eye with a limited mintage of only 500 to 1000 in total to never be minted again, also atleast with me and my micro mintages I take pride in quality and only have the finest finishes (proof) and ( antique) and come with a nice custom display box ( standard) or higher (premium) and (COA) certificate of authenticity that is matched to the mintage number on each coin/round. Nobody realizes what costs go into minting and providing such quality , (COA) and custom display boxes and the minting costs from the mint with these finest finishes it's even hard to make any profit on these micro mintages unless there is a premium over spot to justify the high minting costs and supplies that are involved in giving you the best quality coin and presentation, I do believe in it being all about the oz count and getting as much silver you can for the lowest possible cost but I also believe you get what u pay for and with low premium coins you get mintages that are in the high thousands to millions and simply u may get bored with stacking the same thing over and over with a coin that everyone has , I came into minting my own designs and micro minting because of this reason that I seen a market full of boring ugly coins/rounds with very high mintages and wanted to provide something unique and creative with universal themes that most stackers would love, and give you something with the lowest mintages to make it rare and collectable so one day it would go up in value and a design that you actually liked. Anyway if u have any questions please email me anytime ( agsilverdojobullion@gmail.com) also I just started my own Silver Forum & Economic  Academy  for Silver Stackers to meet other Silver Stackers  and make new friends in the silver community and share opinions and help teach the newbie Silver Stacker by  also giving  the chance once a member reaches the adequate rep points/ post counts 100, then u can buy , sell , and trade peer to peer, on a free market without the high transaction fees of Fee-bay, only rules is honesty and respect, my Motto at Agsilverdojo Bullion  is " SILVER THE  ELEMENT OF CHANGE, PROSPERITY, SECURITY AND ONLY REAL MONEY" I believe in that whole heartedly and believe silver is the answer to everything with this shaky economy on the brink of collapsing, our forum is agsilverdojo silver forum and economic academy and dojo as in school and academy of silver and economics and to teach what is going on in the silver world aswell as the shady corrupt bankers, crooked gov, fraudulent no reserves and all the manipulations that have been going on and keeping silver down for decades now with the paper premisses, I also believe " if u don't hold it.. U don't own it" and also in the end it will all be about the oz count and we all were smart enough to have some " silver" gold too but after we have our water, food, fuel, and most of all " firearms" anyway if u are interested in joining I'm looking for new members and some mods to help me share and spread the truth and offer protection from this inedible collapse of the monetary system aswell as the biggest debt bubble ever and I believe silver is not just a hedge now from the inflation, then hyper inflation as they speed up the printing presses and we go to negative percent and we use silver as barter but one day soon either after they implode on there rigging and manipulation game and true supply and demand bring them down and it will as silver is the Achilles heel to the system but silver one day will be gold on steroids as it explodes to the upside as the markets move to the downside with housing and stock markets crashes included and after the reset silver will be the greatest transfer of wealth of our time and century! Anyway u might ask why I'm selling silver when I believe that in the end it will be all about the oz count? We'll my answer is simple, I'm using silver to protect my son and family with every dollar of profit I make in minting silver rounds I put it right back into minting more while building up my stack , my sons and family future and protection, I'm making silver grow silver as I keep adding to my stack for the day will come when it will be needed to protect them and there lives, esp my young sons life and future as he is still a kid and needs to be protected from what's headed our way and even after I'm gone I will know I did my best to protect him with the only way I see possible and that's stacking silver and growing my oz count as much as I can with the little time I believe we have left and I think anyone who don't see the writing on the wall and see what I'm saying is the truth then they are just another sheeple another sheeple believing the propaganda of the puppet media and politicians , and if u don't get it then all I can do is my part and offer you a place to get the facts it's up to you to listen and the ones that know I'm right please join and help me make a difference to other young fathers out there that want and need a way out and it's just by doing our part and spreading the news and posting enlightening the unaware Americans that this is getting serious and there's not many solutions but I know silver is one of them as its physical  and Carries no counterparty risk, it is a hedge, it is security and safety from the storm and it will be gold on steroids once there Ponsey scheme ends and true supply and demand take there place again and silver like gold is the only real money as it states it in our constitution and amendments that silver and gold only be used as legal tender for all debts public and private , we will go back on a silver/gold standard one way or another because there is no other money out there worth the paper it's on! Silver will be the biggest transfer of wealth after the reset of all time and of this century, if u don't believe then keep doing what ur doing but the ones that do believe in what I'm saying then I ask you all to join the forum and keep on stacking because every oz we buy is money outside the banking system and one step closer to crumbling the banking cartel and the fraudulent no reserves! Again.., it will all be about the oz count in the end!! so Keep stacking !( Agsilverdojoforum.proboards.com) we also have a Silver Bullion buy,sell and trade group on facebook (AgSD Bullion Stackers Group ) you can find all links to all my pages at end of this page under (links) come sign up today and join, we need you!! Thank you guys! And ps.. I'm just another stacker and father looking for a solution out of the big mess ,by no means do I think I know it all, nor do even pretend to try , nobody is perfect and nobody knows it all, but I will say with years of research now in silver and economics I may not know everything but i know i can keep up with the best in precious metals, and silver economists and I sure can see that we are headed for the biggest collapse of all time .. And I also see that war may be there answers for not having to fess up to all there dirt or own up to the cause of it all , so with saying that I wish all you safe and protect yourself the best you can and do not let them steal your guns, it's your right, ur right to bare arms, the 2nd amendment is the only permit you need and you have every right to protect yourself , your family, loved ones and property and that even means against Tarrany and even the government itself, and you all are invited to the III% and the only requirement for membership is that you don't let nobody take and steal your 2nd amendment and if th outlaw outlaws!! " come and fkin getm"


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Now offering (Mintage Matching)

1st 100 mintage numbers (mintage matching) of both (proof) and (Antique)

I will save and log the 1st 100 mintage #s (numbers) and customer info /email /mintage #/finish  and contact each customer right 

before pre-sales with a (10% discount code) off my next rounds/coins in series release, I'm looking to try and have #2 "Recovery Or Death" and hopefully #3 in series " XXX Pirate Booty" minted and released by years end 2017 or beginning of 2018 ! 


Agsilverdojo Silver Stacking Apparel T-Shirt (Men's ) And (Woman's) Spring/Summer Collection!! check out photo's on the (MENU) link at top of page of all the new designs created by Agsilverdojo Bullion's Creator/Designer (Jason Scott) Designs were created with the Silver Stacker in mind using our slogans and motto's and for both men and woman Silver Stackers, Silverbugs and the Silver Collecting community. Sizes will be (SM.  MED.  LG.  XL.) and if this new Spring/Summer Collection is successful I already have a Fall/Winter Collection of Hoodies started using the most popular T-Shirt designs sold and many new ones I've already created that will be just as creative and unique as this new Collection Comming Son !! 


"Silverskull" 1oz .999 fine silver proof round/coin pendant ,limited mintage only (100) it comes with .925 sterling silver rope bezel and .925 sterling silver Italian mariner link chain 7mm/width and 24inches/length also comes with custom display box (standard) and (COA) certificate of auth. Limited mintage (100) Numbered/capsules

"Silverskull" 1oz .999 fine Silver colorized round/coin, limited mintage (100) custom display box and (COA) certificate of auth. Numbered/capsules.


I want to announce my next design #2 in "Plata Power" series " RECOVERY OR DEATH" and  looking for a release date in 2018. This new design is a tribute to all struggling addicts and the lucky ones that have found recovery, we need to share the awareness to our young children because the drugs today are more powerful and deadly then any other time in history, they are using feneol a drug 300 times as potent and deadly then even heroin to mix and cut the heroin and it's an epidemic right now on the streets of America, it's killing our children and taking parents away from there children,stealing the lives of our friends and killing themselfs,  this drug..This crypt keeper, succubus or reaper is not prejudice and it's taking lives weather you are boy, girl, black, white or 14 years old or 60, rich or poor, high school dropout or college degree,  we have to help by sharing our experience, strength and hope, and let them know there is another way out and thats in recovery and they are not alone, they have a decision ,maybe not during active addiction when your obsessions and compulsions can't be conturolled but the morning you wake up if u are luck enough and understand you have a choice right then and if u chose the drug it just may be your last, in active addiction there are only three outcomes ..Jails , institutions, and death. And they need to make that choice before knocking back on the devil's door and need to understand it's either "RECOVERY OR DEATH" and you can't jump back in the ring with this power it has over you, instead you have to throw in the towel and admit u are powerless over your addiction and the only way to win is to surrender, because you can't and won't beat it any other way and I know this from 1st hand experience and if u read my blog post as about my story "from rock bottom to rocking silver in recovery u will know that I was one of the lucky ones and found recovery close to 10 years ago when my son was born, anyway it comes down to how great the pain and misery gets to hit that bottom ..That bottom someone needs to build apon there new foundations and comes down to "RECOVERY OR DEATH" so I decided to do my next design in series on this very important and very serious situation 1 out of 5 Americans live with today themselfs or know someone or a loved one struggles from, and just maybe it's you a silver stacker or silverbug or someone in your family or someone you know? Anyway this is my way to shed some light and awareness onto this epidemic of addiction , and also know if I have found recovery from the endless pit of dispare and I lived jail, institutions and I was very close to death and the way I was feeling and living did not feel like life but dead inside and I fought and fought the hardest fight I've ever had in life and came out the other side in recovery for something I loved more then myself and that was my son being born and I knew if I did not get clean he would of suffered in life not having a father because in using u just cant be a father or even help yourself and even more so I could not do it if I were dead, so I got recovery because I wanted to live more then die and I wanted my son to have a good life so I used the love I felt for him to get clean and I've never been happier and to be honest being a father is a high that no drug in the world can give you and it pushes me everyday and waking hour and it's how I also got into silver and micro minting because again to be a father you have to protect them and I seen and still see a economy on the brinks of a huge crash and found silver and know that it is the key to my future and my sons, that and recovery the foundation that I built my new life apon.