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#2 "RECOVERY OR DEATH" comming 2018!!





I want to announce my next #2 in "Plata Power" series " RECOVERY OR DEATH" Im looking for a release date in early 2018. This new design is a awareness round/coin to recognize this addiction epidemic and all the struggling addicts still suffering and dying from this disease of addiction and the lucky ones that have found recovery, we need to share the awareness to help our young children because the drugs today are more powerful and deadly then any other time in history, they are using feneol a drug 300 times as potent and deadly then even heroin to mix and cut the heroin and it's an epidemic right now on the streets of America, it's killing our children and taking parents away from there children,stealing the lives of our friends and killing them dead , this drug..This crypt keeper, succubus or reaper is not prejudice and it's taking lives weather you are boy, girl, black, white or 14 years old or 60, rich or poor, high school dropout or college degree, live in the big city or small suburbs , we have to help by sharing our experience, strength and hope, and let them know there is another way out and thats in recovery and they are not alone, they have a choice and decision ,maybe not during active addiction when your obsessions and compulsions can't be conturolled but the morning you wake up if u are luck enough and understand you have a choice and chance right then and if u chose the drug it just may be your last, in active addiction there are only three outcomes ..Jails , institutions, and death. And they need to make that choice before knocking back on the devil's door or stepping back in its ring and you need to understand it's either "RECOVERY OR DEATH" and you can't jump back in the ring with this power it has over you, instead you have to throw in the towel and admit u are powerless over your addiction and the only way to win is to surrender, because you can't and won't beat it any other way and I know this from 1st hand experience and if u read my blog post as about my story "from rock bottom to rocking silver in recovery u will know that I was one of the lucky ones and found recovery close to 10 years ago when my son was born, anyway it comes down to how great the pain and misery gets to hit that bottom ..That bottom someone needs to build apon there new foundations and comes down to "RECOVERY OR DEATH" so I decided to do my next design in series on this very important and very serious situation 1 out of 5 Americans live with today themselfs or know someone or a loved one struggles from, and just maybe it's you a silver stacker or silverbug or someone in your family or someone you know? Anyway this is my way to shed some light and awareness onto this epidemic of addiction , and also know if I have found recovery from the endless pit of dispare and I lived jail, institutions and I was very close to death and the way I was feeling and living did not feel like life but dead inside and I fought and fought the hardest fight I've ever had in life and came out the other side in recovery for something I loved more then myself and that was my son being born and I knew if I did not get clean he would of suffered in life not having a father because in using u just cant be a father or even help yourself and even more so I could not do it if I were dead, so I got recovery because I wanted to live more then die and I wanted my son to have a good life so I used the love I felt for him to get clean and I've never been happier and to be honest being a father is a high that no drug in the world can give you and it pushes me everyday and waking hour and it's how I also got into silver and micro minting because again to be a father you have to protect them and I seen and still see a economy on the brinks of a huge crash and found silver and know that it is the key to my future and my sons, that and recovery the foundation that I built my new life apon. If u are one of us or know someone struggling from this succubus , grim reaper , The thieves of lives , then please join my new Facebook group for addiction where the only requirement for membership is a desire to stay clean and sober . The group is called " Addicts Matter" (Recovery or Death) come join we would love your support and we would love to help you as we share each other experience , strengths and hopes , one day at a time. Please check out new silver stacking apparel starting with my #2 in series design "Recovery Or Death"