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Agsilverdojo Silver Stackin Apparel (Hoodie) (" Recovery Or Death" Collection ) 5 Colors






Agsilverdojo Silver Stacking Apparel, starting off with Fall/Winter Mens Hoodie Sweatshirt attire “ Recovery OR Death” (sizes) sm, med, lg, Xl , 2XL, i have designed and created , Im looking to make Agsilverdojo Bullion into not just creating/designing coins/rounds but attire, Apparel and brand. And this apparel is focasing on the silver stacker / Silver bug and silver collecting community with offering them t-shirts attire with silver stacking slogans and my own designs created from my " plata power series" this Attire is made for silver stackers by a silver stacker, creator/designer and micro minter, with our motto's , slogans and lingo on each shirt, is my vision to have my trademark/logo/name be a brand someday soon and have not just my designs for coins but use the designs from my coins and make great silver stacking Apparel and Attire to put us stackers on the map and spread awareness and open the eyes of the ones still asleep and wake them up to Silver the white metal that will out shine and out perform the yellow metal as silver explodes to the upside and like setting off a silver bomb as silver will be like gold on steroids! Silver will react like bitcoin has been this past year because it’s decentralized and is not manipulated like silver has been for at least the past 7 years while Jp manipulations and disgrace play there paper short games and suppress the price but one day because of the new blockchain silver will be set free to react like it’s supposed to on a free market where true supply and demand make the rules and not a bunch of corrupt banksters and fraudulent no reserves , the corrupt COMEX, and LBMA aswell as the CTSC looking the other way and saying “ nothing too see here” while Jp manipulations and disgrace builds up its physical holdings with the silver stolen from us with the paper shorts and the algorithms and 2am slams , we are far from free or on a free market and there is no true fundamentals but if u stick around and “buy and hold” u will be part of the biggest transfer of wealth in all history and you will see silver  explode as fast as you have seen bitcoin because bitcoin is being traded on a decentralized market and silver will do the same once we marry the blockchain into physical exchanges and rid ourself of the criminal cartel, COMEX, LBMA, The corrupt banksters, and even the fraudulent non federal reserve because it’s about to meet the truth machine “ THE BLOCKCHAIN” where everything will be decentralized and be able to be traded again on a free market and we will finally see silver go from the most undervalued asset to the most valuable asset in the world because of its industrial demand aswell as retail demand and thousands of years history of being money “ the only real money” anyway just know the silver price  is not set yet and just be patient because us silver stackers will have our day , until then “ Buy and Hold” and only buy physical because “ If u don’t hold it... u don’t own it “ please check back on website for new Silver Stacking Apparel and my next silver coins/rounds in series , my next #2 “ Recovery Or Death” will be released early 2018!! And The sizes of my new silver Stacking (Hoodie) sweatshirts will start with ( Sm. Med. Large. Extra Large. 2XL)will be offering free shipping ( Domestic Only) thank you , i know you and anyone from the silver stacking community will really like these new (Hoodie) Sweatshirts made with the silver stacker/silverbug at heart ,as this will be my 1st releases from my new "Agsilverdojo Silver Stacking Apparel" and fall/winter hoodies, I only use the best quality material ( Gildan) and the hoodies are heavyweight and very durable , the 1st few designs will be from my "plata power series" ( skeleton hands holding my #1 in series " silver skull" with the motto " If u don't hold it ..u don't own it" as I have already released my 1st in series "Silver Skull" this year 2017 and about to release my #2 design in series " Recovery Or Death" and giving everyone a sneak peak at design on the 1st hoodies in my silver stacking apparel fall/winter collection , please come back and check out other designs I will be adding to my website periodically with my Spring/summer ( t-shirt) silver stacking apparel collection , and I will be running a deal when u buy one of my silver round/coins I will give u a $10.00 dollar discount on any hoodie ! Enjoy and keep Stackin!!

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