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Blog post by Agsilverdojo Bullion:

Why does one stack silver? There are many reasons why one may stack, we may stack for the oz count and thats to buy as much for as little as possible, we may stack because we like rare nusimatic coins to semi numismatic and bueatyful designs and sick of what the government offers us in bland designs , you may stack because it's a preservation of wealth, hedge from inflation , protection and safety from economic uncertainty, you may stack because you believe silver will one day be the biggest transfer of wealth in history and you can secure your future, or maybe you just like holding real money , something with a history of money that goes back thousands of years and states in our own constitution that "silver and gold can only be money to be used for all public and private debts", what makes silver money" ? Its fungible, diversible, it's a medium of exchange, its a unit of account, and store of value! What is the us currency? It's a Fiat dollar backed by nothing but debt..It's not money! So why do we choose to use this paper ponsey scheem? And doesn't it also say in our Constitution that " anyone who counterfeits will be punished by death"? Then why is the federal reserve not all put to death for counterfeitting? Don't let that name fool you either , they are non federal and nor do they have any reserves, they are a few private banks that make up the federal reserve, the same banking cartel that has been stealing the wealth of the people for centuries, the ones responsible for this biggest ponsey scheem in history the US dollar, the petro dollar, the global reserve currency! A ponsey scheem tried many times in history and has always failed, once president Nixon took us off the silver/gold standard in 1971 we have been a Fiat system ever since and backed only by debt and the only way that this ponsey scheem has survived is that it's our belief and faith that it's money, once we lose faith in this and open our eyes this ponsey scheem will end and we can go back on a silver er/gold standard " real money" but the banks and the fraudulent no reserves will never let this happen and it will take the people to lose faith in this unbacked system for it to finally end, so we go back to our 1st question ..What is a stacker and why do we stack? The answer is because the reasons stated above, the people will one day wake up and realize that all there weath has been stolen and the game will finally come to an end when we lose faith and with silver and gold having a history of money that goes back thousands of years and the many uses for silver as it has not only Monatary and retail demand but industrial demand aswell, there are over 1000 uses for silver in electronics ,our cell phones, TVs, computers, solar power and medicine to just name the top few, and everyday they find new uses for silver like in energy, silver is not only has the highest conductivity of any metal but it's also has antibacterial property's , silver is more rare then gold and it's being used up much faster then it's comming out of the ground and going into landfills to never be recycled or recovered and they say silver will be the 1st metal on the periodic table of elements to go extinct, so I would say that silver is beyond rare and valuable to us with all its uses and the supply dwindling so you may ask yourself then why is the silver to gold racio 70-1 and worth more? That's simple, silver is the #1 manipulated commodity, and asset, the comex and lbma with the help of the federal reserve, and the banking cartel they are suppressing and manipulating silver with paper promises, another ponsey scheem and with the same goals in mind to keep the dollar proped up by holding down real money " silver" , silver is not traded on a free market with fundamentals of true supply and demand, the big banks naked short and hold down the price so they themselfs can buy up the physical at a on sale price set by them, they know that this dollar ponsey scheem will come to an end and they have been preparing for it by buying up all the physical, as Jp Morgan and chase (Jp manipulations) has accumulated over half billion ounces in the past 6-7 years and anyone should know if u want to get rich "follow the money" and do what the big players are doing, if silver was such a cheap metal then ask yourself why they are buying it all up at record demand while holding and suppressing the price down? Hey as I explained in my other blogs " from rock bottom to rocking silver in recovery" I state that I dropped out of high school in just 10th grade and my school for the next decade was the school of hard knocks and that was jails and prisons and after spending so much time in places like like that u tend to pick up on scams pretty quick so you are not the next one yourself and be victim of one, anyway a few years back when I got into silver and stacking I seen "Jp manipulations" game a mile away and continued to stack ever since because I know one day soon they will do either of two things , either let the price trade freely back on a free market with true fundamentals and true supply and demand by just taking there fingers off the keyboards and stop the algorithms they use to trade there naked shorts while they suppress and let silver revert back to its means and explode to the upside as it surpasses the yellow metal and way outperforms it and sets off the silver bomb,or 2nd they just do what they have been doing with the permission of the fed, lbma, comex and CTAC, yeah the guys who's job it is to protect us from this but look the other way and say " nothing to see here" yeah those guys, so as I was saying instead of suppressing the price and buying up the physical the game they know so well and invented and run the game , they will instead use the same keyboard and algorithms to inflate the price of silver and prop it up and either way they do this they will have silver shoot to the moon and have done the biggest scan in history when they cash in there chips of half billion ounces and take in hundreds of billions or even a trillion dollars when it's all said and done . So that's my theory and one of the reasons I stack silver because I seen this year's ago and know it's only a matter of time and as they say "you can't con a con" well I'm not no con no longer and changed my whole life for my son and that is the #1 reason I stack today is to protect his future, but I been around enough cons to know that this game is rigged and rigged by many players but Jp manipulations is dealing out the hands, and they will have pulled off the biggest heist in history when it's over! Jason scott

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