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What Constitutes silver as money and what 7 properties does it possess? It must be ...1. Fungible, 2. diversible, 3. Be a medium of exchange, 4. Have intrinsic value. 5. Is Divisible, 6. durable, 7. And be a store of value. Plus it has a history of being used as money that goes back thousands of years. as money, silver has been used in trade and barter situations for centurys , it states in our own constitution (article 1 section 10 cause 1) no state shall coin money ,emit bills of credit, make anything buy gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debt, that silver and gold only be used as money, legal tender for public and private debts . It also has retail demand as in jewlery and industrial demand as in electonics , solar power, medicine and clothing . Silver is more rare then gold, it's being used up faster then it's comming out of the ground and hitting landfills to never be recycled, there is only 5% of silver left in ground and above ground supply left and they say at this rate silver will be the 1st metal on the periodic table to go extinct, silver has thousands of uses , without silver it would be lights out in America, silver holds no counterparty risk when u hold phisical and because of the manipulation and suppression silver is being held down and true supply and demand does not exist and no true fundamentals, it's a game of paper by the fraudulent comex,lbma , fraudster banksters and non federal no reserves " the federal reserve, they can't let nothing compete with the fiat debt note the global reserve currency the petro dollar so they are papering over silver with paper shorts at a deficit 500 contracts to every 1 phisical oz they really possess, it's the biggest ponsey scheme next too the banking system fractional reserve lending and the fiat debt dollar the currency we use today they call money but truly is not money and is counterfeit! These are what money has to possess to be used as money!

1. Intrinsic- Belonging naturally,essencial

2. Fungible- as to be freely exchangeable,or replaceable,in whole or in part of another of such nature.

3. Divisible- capable of being divided.

4. Durable- able to withstand wear,presure, or damage, "hard wearing"

5. Diversifiable-risk of assesment, bond, realestate, share/stock.

6. Medium of exchange- is a intermediary instrument used to facilitate the sale , purchase,or trade of goods between parties.has to have a standard of value eccepted by all parties.

7. Store of value- is the function of an asset that can be saved, retrieved and exchanged at a later date and be predictable and used at a later time and be predictably useful when retrieved

Silver is the only real money and possesses all these things and so much more and one day either when the manipulations and paper game stops or true supply and demand take over but either way silver will be the greatest transfer of wealth in history! So remember "Silver is money" and Greenbacks " our currency today is just debt notes...Buy silver and start stacking!!! "Silver the element of change, prosperity, security and only real money" that is Agsilverdojo Bullion's motto and I believe in it whole heartedly!

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