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Thank Silver stackers/silverbugs

I did a recent blog post on this website ( thank you silver minipulators) check it out on my website ( agsilverdojo.com) anyway ted butler is the man who seen this biggest ponsey scheem of all time years ago and for us stackers that have also seen this and understand silver and its propertys then u also know silver is the best investnent of all time and one day going to be the biggest transfer of weath of this century, silver will outshine the yellow metal and silver will be gold on steriods, i have a motto for my silver bullion buisness (agsilverdojo bullion) its " silver the element of change, prosperity, security and only real money" and " if u dont hold it ..u dont own it" and last but not least " in the end it will be all about the oz count and us stackers were smart enough to stack some" anyway great interview on teds article and you narrated it perfectly that anyone watching this video has to understand the paper game and this ponsey scheem that jp morgan is pulling off with the help of the "CTC" in there pocket and looking the other way saying nothing to see here and the "CME" the fraudulant comex jp partner in crime with a number of other banks like duche bag bank, and city corp, all i can say is if the sheeple are too stupid to see the game is rigged and the others that dont see the game at all or opertunity of a lifetime it is then you deserve to lose your hand and ass when the crisis and colapes begins of the economic system and with it the stock market , the bond and divivitive bubble and the monatary system and like history always repeats itself and silver and gold has always been the only real money and it will once again as silver the most undervalued asset over shoots the old mean and racio of 16-1 and become not just 1-1 with gold but it will outshine it altogether as true suppy and demand come back as jp morgan cashes in its chips and makes trillions on there billions and silver will have a new name called " unafordium" and " unatainium" as quoted by mike malloy, as silver will be the 1st precious metal on the periodic table to go instinct and we know the value of something rare??how about something extinct? it will go parabolic and the price to the moon even if its not in fiat paper promisses it will again be part of the new system and even durring the reset as silver offers protection and safety, insurance, as it hedges againt inflation and it can and never will go to zero like the fiat paper promisses, with all its uses, electronics, solar power and medicine to name only a few and how its hitting the landfills faster then its comming out of the ground, and you know when its gets closer to its instinction apple and the enviormentals will pay any price to make there phones, tvs, and solar panels as there is no substitution, silver not only has retail demand but industrial and that is where the real shortage will be from and not to mention india trying to ban gold again so u know they all will put it into the peoples money silver, india has consumed more gold then any other country as they like to wear there wealth and when they cant get the yellow they will all be running for the white, anyway if that video did not shed some light on the shinny metal and the minipulation supression paper game then i hope my knoledge and real facts now has opened your eyes and get stacking before its too late and as i believe we only have a small window now of opertunity to not only protect yourself from whats headed our way and hitting our shores of the american people but its also the greatest investment of all time and ill say it once more " it will be the biggest transfer of wealth of this century and of all time when the game comes to an end and jp minipulations cashes in on its 6-7 year casino chips they been acumalating and robbing all the players and those people are not just the ones holding paper but us aswell because that paper is what sets the phyisical price so we have been getting robbed everytime they smash the price but also remember its only the ones that have been stupid and not seeing this huge opertunity as a gift and sale price on silver and chance to build your stacks higher and you know what they always say? if u cant beat them at there game then join there game and you only have to follow where the big money is going to know the way home to prosperity is with just one answer ..the achiles heel of the system , the money of the people , the shinny metal " SILVER" so if ur not stacking then theres no better time then the presance, and if u have been stack stackng and like me seen it a mile away and betting the house on it then congrats our time is comming and the end is getting closer and we will have our day to finally shine and shine we will, and u can rest assured that u were not only protected but you will be part of the biggest transfer of wealth this world has ever seen! keep stacking and never give up your seat at the poker table because your hand is about to come in and luck is about to change, jason scott ( agsilverdojo.com) come check out my new website and my 1st in new series " silverskull" 1oz .999 fine silver proof/antique rounds/couns, limited mintage (1000) proofs, and (500) antique, custom display boxes( standard) and ( premium) aswell as ( COA) certificate of auth, all rounds/coins numbered to match COA,. Doing presales now on my presale website ( agsilverdojo.simpl.com) 10% off and free shipping , and lowest mintage numbers avail, they will ship out after release date aprox 30-45 days, also check out my youtube page aswell as check me out on facebook, twitter, linked, pintrest, tumblr. And Also check out my new silver forum & economic academy ( agsilverdojoforum.proboards.com) looking for members and mods , sign up today, also im looking for investors and wholesalers ,if u have any interest in my new start up silver bullion buisness of micro minting and sales please email me ( agsilverdojo@gmail.com) and i will send you my proposal : investors/wholesalers, im not just the creator/designer but CEO of my new silver bullion start up and sales, if u are a wholesaler who wants to buy from me and sell my rounds/coins on your website also email me and i can also show you imiages of my new series i have created and designed and show you my unique style and creative ideas for designs and series, i have completed last year 6 new series and working on another 7 now that are going to blow doors into the silver community and silver stackers and silverbugs as i have designs and themes not seen out there yet and will be universally desired by most, please look out for me as i believe i am a new up and commer and i have something great to offer all of you and the silver community of stackers alike, thank you again, jason scott ( agsilverdojo bullion)

 Interested in signing this petition to stop the silver manipulation? Go to this petition page I created to help the silver stackers/ silver physical investors/silver mining companies!

Your all welcome to share my blog post and this petition!


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