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THe Temptation Of The Succubus"

I wanted to write a blog on two friends that I have had the pleasure of meeting and now a chance to network with and affiliation and partnership with ,there names are Eli and Phil of Phelimint , they are also creators/and designers of private minted custom rounds/coins and just had there 1st release " The Temptation Of THe Succubus" 2 oz .999 fine silver semi numismatic round /coin , mintage (10,000), (COA) and capsuled, that was bueutifully sculptured by the master sculpture "lurgi Badia", and minted by the well known " North American Mint", the original art commissioned to include that was requested by graphic designer EL Art from 99 designs, this is a beautiful round/coin that not only caught my eye for its bueaty and craftsmanship,fine detail and depth but this round/coins meaning holds a special place for me as a reminder of where I came from and never want to be caught up in that darkness where the succubus draws it's power and will help me remember that with one bad decision I could let Temptation steal my life and soul from me and lose everything that I fought so hard to break free from and take away who I've become today , anyway temptation can come in many forms but it only has one desire and thats to destroy your life and leave you with a empty heart ,home and hope, The "succubus is a alluring bueatyful enchantress that will have you succumb to her desires and steal your life and soul from you piece by piece very slowly that you don't know it's happening until u have nothing left as and you are broken , and life is shattered," and the succubus has special meaning to my own life as succubus has done that to me and I became not just prey but victim of its powerful hold for more then half my life ,but 1st let me say it does not got to be a pretty ,bueatyful or even a she, it has many faces and can be anything that is alluring and so powerful that you succumb to its wants and needs from you and to me it was drugs and addiction, so here is What succubus means to me and my own story:

I don't think I met or reached out to Phil and Eli as just mere coincidence, I think it was fate that we met and there 1st release would be so powerful to my own life, after reading what " succubus" really represents and too me it has huge meaning because if u read my story " from rock botom to rocking silver in recovery" which is posted on my blog page from last month, but  rock bottom is the foundation apon I got up from and build my new life, if u read my story you may know i not only did not graduate highschool but I grew up in bad neiborhoods in the nothshore of Boston ma, we grew up on food stamps and from a young age I started to steal just so I had what the other kids had and I did not by only having a mother to support both me and my Irish twin sister and no father since 4 years old anyway so my life started right from the get go stealing and getting into trouble and leading myself into temptations, well my teens went on the same way as I got thrown into juvenile detention centers and once I turned 17 years old they bound me over into the adult system and started going to jails then into prisons and in my early teens started using drugs and I got very addicted and drugs took me to places I never thought I'd be and doing this I never thought I could or would do.. it was the ultimate temptatiom and sucked my young and early adulthood life right from me as and this continued in and out of prisons until I met my wife and at the Time she also was being suduced by (drugs) IE.. succubus ! And she became my running partner in crime till 2006 when she found out she was pregnant and in oct 2006 we had our miracle boy who fought for his life to be here because of drug use he was born premie and spent the next 4 months in the NICU ward at new England medical center as me and my girlfriend at that time began getting on our knees and asking God to please don't take this little boy from us and prayed and prayed and as his little life was dwindling away and the priest game him his last rights a miracle happened and he overcame and God answered our prayers and our prayers were both the same " god if u give us this baby boy we will get clean and give this little boy a life that he fought so hard for" so once we were released from the hospital we both got into treatment for drug abuse, she went into a all girls woman program with babies and I went into a men's program both down cape cod Massachusetts and those places gave us the tools and God gave us the strength to get clean and we got married 3 years later in 2009 and both remain clean today and the most amazing parents to our son and he has never had to see that side of us or ever suffer because of our addictions again, and so about 3 years ago I started thinking of how am I going to secure a future for my son and protect him from what I believe is comming and that is the economic crash of crashes so I started looking into different options to combat this crash and I stumbled onto silver and started stacking and stacking till I had a little over 1k oz and I felt pretty secure and then I got the idea to make silver grow me more silver by creating/designing my own silver rounds so I started working on my new silver Bullion business (Agsioverdojo Bullion) and the reason I chose that name was (Ag) is the atomic letters for (silver) and I chose (dojo) because I did not want to only sell silver coins and Bullion but I wanted to teach others how to protect there loved ones as well and teach them all silvers endless property's, so in chinese the word (dojo) "means school of teaching" so then I buillt my silver forum and economic academy ( Agsilverdojoforum.proboards.com) now let me remind you I have no computer experience or even a high school diploma but more one from the school of hard knocks, anyway I told myself I can self teach the same way I taught myself about silver and once I was bitten by that silver bug I found a new addiction and this was gonna be used in a positive way, I just want to say from experience that addicts are far from stupid or even lazy and I think they are quite smart and because of the addiction they have this natural ability to get anything they want and desire and when actively using we use this ability to get high, now just because a addict gets clean don't mean he is no longer an addict, we are still addicts but clean ones who have arrested there disease and conquered there demons ( the succubus) but noticed we still carried with us the ability to get what we want and have this natural drive and motivation that can't be matched, anyway silver became my new addiction and so I stated making a logo for my new silver Bullion business of micro minting privately minted custom .999 fine silver rounds/coins ,I chose the (yin yang) because it had two fold ,one ( the yin yang is two opposites, like light and darkness , being clean in recovery or actively using, and I wanted something to represent a (dojo) and so the (yin yang) fit and fit well! So I put the (A) and (g) inside the yin yang and put the atomic numbers from the period table of elements for silver and (Ag) being the atomic letters , so put ( 47) and (107.8) inside the yin yang as well next to the (Ag) and my logo was born, so around 2015 I had my logo/name and started creating designs and names of series and chose my 1st series to be called " Plata power series" And my 1st round in series I chose my favorite theme " skulls" and called him " silverskull" so I intended on releasing silverskull by 2016 So dated it 2016 before I got the full effect of what it really took to build your own business and even more so with no experience in general , minting process, designing, buisness, marketing, advertising, and the biggest obstacle funding and then how to get a website built so I started calling around and the prices were so much more then I could afford, right now I'm making very limited money as a personal trainer, and just the minting process was more then I could even afford but I chose to keep moving forward regardless because I have a son who is counting on his father to protect him and at this point in life so failure is not an option and I will do whatever it takes to get this new business up and running so I started studying html and little coding and meta description and found the platform Shopify and just started building my own website and I bought my domaine name 1 year before that and kept it parked until I figured out how to build this website anyway while designing and still learning the minting process and so much more like getting myself on every social media platform I could think of and start pushing out my new business and ideas, well it took till January 2017 and " silverskull " was released , little late but as they say better late then never, anyway I also created a motto for Agsilverdojo Bullion " silver the element of change, prosperity, security and only real money" I believe this wholeheartedl and also believe in buying only physical " if u don't hold it ..U don't own it"  anyway there is more about me and Agsilverdojo on my website that is now live (Agsilverdojo.com) and I have blog posts where I'm going to try and push out a blog post once a week or month and my next blog post will be on you, two friends that share the same passions for silver and micro minting and creating/designing as me . And just thought I would share my story a little more and what " the temptation of the succubus" means to me and I not only survived her but I thrive today in my new clean life and fatherhood! This is a very inspiring choice for a design because I know many struggling addicts that were not lucky enough to make it and share a story of success but share death with many more who were tempted and seduced by " succubus" and many more still struggling with that temptation and addiction and I hope that this round reminds them that temptation is there but if they really try and they know that recovery is possible and know there is help out there and read my story they will know its possible because I'm living proof she (succubus) can be beat and over powered with your own inner strength,will,reason and higher power which I call god . if u 1st understand the power you are up against and 2nd understand it can't be beat until you admit u are powerless over that alluring seductive thing (drug) (bad relationship) (gambling) (smoking) whatever that is that has this power over you and sucks your very soul dry and leaves you empty , or even dead , I have proven that she or it can be beat because I did just that the day I admitted (drugs) and my addiction was stronger and more powerful than me as long as I was playing in her world with her rules and gave her the power she would win but the day I took the power back that she had over me and found recovery I knew she could be beat because no longer ingesting the poison of temptation was like never taking the bite from that Apple from eve  once I admitted that I was powerless then I took the 1st step into recovery and then second you can't do it alone and you need not only to have a reason to change but a higher power to believe in to help you through the toughest fight u will ever fight and thats to part ways with that love, that bueatyful alluring woman or thing and you have to want a new life more then u ever wanted her or that thing that succubus , you have to have had enough and hit rock bottom so u have a solid foundation on which now you can build your new life, it can happen at anytime if u just believe and have the strength to overpower her or its power ,you got to want it more then you wanted her or it, and you have to take action because it is a action program that's what I was taught early on in sobriety, and recovery, you can't just talk about it, u got to be about it my sponcer rocky would say to me , anyway you need a network and support system in place when u are ready and you just do it and u do it one day at a time or even one minute at a time if u have too, you will need to change your play people (friends the ones still succumbbed to succubus and in that lifestyle still) you can't afford to jeopardize your own self by putting yourself with anyone or thing connected to her, your play places ( the places you went to search for succubus, and play things ( that's anything related to or anyone offering you temptation , these are the things I did and was recommended to me in early soberiety and recovery when I was still at my weakest point, and it worked, I even had to walk away from a 17 year friendship ,my best friend in the world because he was not ready and still hipnotized by succubus and I had to ask myself at that time " what is more important a friendship? Or fatherhood and a little boy my young baby that needs a father and I know 1st hand what life was like not having a father ,someone there to teach me right from wrong, someone to teach me how to tie my shoe laces and someone not there when I needed him to protect me from this world and some of the ugly it has in it, do I choose my son and a life of recovety? Or darkness and despair ? I chose fatherhood over anything else because inside it was the most important thing to me deep down and I wanted to be there for my son and not be just another addicts name in the obituarys and someone only remembered as a addict ,thief , and prisoner, and most of all I did not want my son to be brought up by another man " my replacement" and my sons only thought about his real daddy was he was a junkie and died with a needle in his arm, that thought scared me so bad that it was my bottom and that thought and the love for another my son was what it took for me to break free from "The Temptation Of The Succubus" and if I can do it and I feel I was not just a lost cause that many times thought he found that bottom but somehow I would find a shovel and dig even deeper inside that hole of darkness and dispare, until there was something so strong down there that I just could not dig thru and that was " the fear of dying and not giving my son a chance at his new life "so it was that bottom that gave me the solid foundation I built my new life and fatherhood and new silver Bullion business please visit my new friends link below to there website (www.Phelimint.com)and check out there 1st in series "The Temptation Of The Succubus" maybe there is a succubus in your life who u need to break free from and you can carry this silver 2oz .999 fine silver round to remind you of her power and that u are stronger then she or it"!!If u want to hear the Phil and Eli full story of how the phelimint was born and what there (reverse) means to them as it also holds special meaning to both of them as together they are like one and joined at the hip and so came the name Phil and Eli ( Pheli mint) they have blog posts and a couple YouTube channels you can subscribe too aswell as a Facebook page, these are great guys and civil servants in medicine and took another passion in silver stacking and like me wanted to create and design there own bueatyful silver rounds to be enjoyed and treasured for life and as we all know silver is the only real money , states it in our Constitution, it holds no counterparty risk when holding physical, and we share the same motto " if u don't hold it..U don't own it" I believe silver will one day go parity with gold 1-1 and be like gold on steroids and one day be the greatest transfer of wealth of all time, and has a history of money that goes back thousands of years, it's protection and security from economic uncertainty and it is the best bartering tool during a reset and hedges from inflation and had thousands of uses as not only a monetary metal in retail but industrial aswell and every cell phone, Tv, computer requires the shinny metal, it is more rare then gold and it's been said that silver will be the 1st metal on the periodic table of elements to go extinct, it's more rare then gold because it's being used much faster then comming out of the ground and disappearing into landfills to never be recovered or recycled, silver is the most undervalued asset and commodity, only because of the paper ponsey scheems by the banking cartel trading more paper silver in one day then all mine supply in the world has, I believe when this manipulation and game ends silver will explode to the upside and why I know this ?U just have to follow the money, while the biggest bank and silver holdings Jp manipulations and chase has accumulated 1/2 billion ounces in the past 6 years while pushing the silver price down with the paper they buy the real physical! Why would they be buying up so much silver u may ask yourself? Because they Controll this game and when they decide to let silver trade on a free market and take there fingers off the keyboard of algorithms and let silver go it's going to overshoot the means and revert back to its rightful place and that is not where it is today at 70-1 racio of gold but the 9-1 it's comming out of the ground and the true fair market will take over and Jp manipulations will turn there millions into billions as the biggest ponsey scheems ever committed against the people ,stackers, and mines, anyway check out the ( pheli mint) at link below to learn more about these two great guys and there bueatyful 1st in series " THe Temptation Of The Succubus"

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