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So I was talking to a friend today that I’ve gotten close to for the last 3-4 years and he reminds me of my old self but a older version , when I say old self let me step back and say I was kind of venting to him about spoiled idiots or strait up bitches that think the world and everyone owes them something?? Someone who will ask a favor then you go out of your way to make it happen and 25 min goes by and all of a sudden this person would start giving you attitude and then almost demand you get there faster because they think now that you offered to help now you are OBLIGATED... well there fuckin not and why isn’t it just a thank you for helping and going way out of your way to even help but instead they start getting all upset and the attitude starts 1st because you know we are on our time not there’s but they think otherwise, so anyway a argument starts and end point the person says fuck off I don’t need you I’ll do it myself?? Ok then why the fuck didn’t u and why ask me? So I guess this person is onto the next victim of there spoiled ness in hopes they will now help and cycle repeats, anyway this is usually a trait of a immature person usually starts when they were young and never really caught on to nobody owes you shit and if u want something you need to do it yourself and I learned this the hard way. Growing up in let’s say the hood, or just very poor and u know food stamps , welfare, housing, and struggling every day in and every day out, so at a very early age I became a great hustler

0. an aggressively enterprising person;
0. an enterprising person determined to succeed; go-getter.
0. Slang.a person who employs fraudulent or unscrupulous methods to obtain money; swindler.
I had to do what I had to do to get by and have what others had you know the spoiled ones that just ask for what they want and get it..or not start bitching , moaning and crying till they did or there victim gives in! Anyway I did not have that luxury, and yes I made a lot of bad choices and I paid some very hefty costs of losing my freedom too many times to count but I still did it because I don’t like to ask people for shit for nothing and never looked out for a give out and always found a way to get what I wanted and needed, fast foward 25 years to present, today I have turned my life around because I have a son I love more then life so I changed for him, no more crimes, but I still had to find a way now not just for me to survive but now more important I have to at all costs make sure my son survives and I will do anything at any cost for that but that’s a double edged sword because I can’t hustle and take the big risks and lose my freedom because my son needs a father for his survival now so I had to find another way , by no means was I ever stupid but I was a big chance taker and gambler with my freedom and today I have to put my son in front of everything and somehow come up with a new hustle that’s not a hustle but lives on the other side of the gray line and I became a ENTREPRENEUR :
0. a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.
synonyms: businessman/businesswoman, enterpriser, speculator, tycoon, magnate, mogul; dealer, trader, dealmaker; promoter, impresario; informalwheeler-dealer, whiz kid, mover and shaker, go-getter, high flyer, hustler, idea man/person
And I started my own buisness and became a creator/designer Of Privately Minted Semi Numismatic Silver Coins and now Apparel ( Hoodies, Tanks, T-Shirts) where I design everything myself and today have almost 500 designs in my online website,Ecom. Store. ( Agsilverdojo.com)
Anyway the moral of the story is there is a hustler and entrepreneur in a lot of my friends I grew up with and still talk to today, some live on the hustler side and some on the Entrepreneur side and some live on the line and that’s where I came up with my newest design and it’s for all the fathers or mothers out there that have to live for there child and survival at all costs .. no this design is not for the spoiled ones that get everything for free by either family or the system, this is for the ones that struggle and have to put food on there kids plate and roof over there heads at all costs and if it means hustle or if it means entrepreneur or in the middle what I now call my new design “ STREET HUSTLING ENTREPRENEUR “ do what it takes to survive and if u are doing wrong you better dammed be doing it right!! Anyway this new design comes in ( Zip Hoodies, Reg Hoodies, Tanks and T-Shirts, most sizes and many colors! You can find it under each link and category on my main webpage . And too all you “ STREET HUSTLING ENTREPRENEURS” GO GET YOURS!

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