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 guys i want to thank everyone who checked out my 1st in ( plata power series) " silverskull" 1oz .999 fine silver proof/antique round/coin,limited mintage with custom display boxes (standard) and ( premium) aswell as (COA) certificate of auth. Round/coins numbered to match (COA) . I will leave a link to my main website ( agsilverdojo.com) below and you can check out my new blog on my website aswell as a small bio all about agsilverdojo bullion, as to who i am and what and why im micro minting privately minted custom rounds/coins. And i will be also selling other silver bullion from my wholesalers that i have found and liked the type of silver , poured ingots ( skulls) ( guns) ect.. And smaller denominations like 1 gram to 1/10 oz silver rounds and bars For any barter situation as it should or can i say will arrive with the biggest debt bubble ready to pop and biggest economic crisis since the great depression as i believe much worse, that is the reason i got into silver as i believe its the only real money and not like the fiat paper promisses or the fraudulant no reserves, and believe silver not just be a hedge against inflation but a store of wealth that provided protection, security and safety from economic uncertaintees, and believe either when the minipulation and supression from the banking cartel , the elite, the 1% and shadow corrupt gov or true supply and demand takes over as there will come a big silver shortage and once that happens us silver stackers/silverbugs will have our time to shine as silver explodes to the upside and silver will be like gold on steriods and not only go 1-1 with the silver to gold ratio but outshine the yellow metal altogether, i believe this because silver is more rare then gold and has not one single use but many many , retail and industrial demand , and history with centurys behind it as money as it states in our constitution that silver and gold only be used as money ! and with the propertys it has being used in every electronic ,phones, computers aswell as solar power and even in medicine and clothing as it has antibacterial propertys and no substitutes and at the rate of us using silver it is going into landfills and being used up faster then its comming out of the ground, you know the price of something when it becomes rare? ok how about if going extinct? yes they say silver will be the 1st metal on the periodic table of elements to go extinct, and one day they will be naming and calling silver " unafordiam and unatainium" i got that quote from mike malloney one of the greats and author of " history of money series" great read and very imformal and backed up with facts and history, now mentioning history i must say that " history always repeats itself" Esp when we are talking about out monatary system and how every single time anyone, any country went off the silver/gold standard and went fiat with paper promisses it has always colapsed and failed and we always end up back on a silver/gold standard and this time will be no diffrent, we are there again with 20 trillion in debt not to mention dirivitives being over a hundred trillion and soon we are headed for the biggest crash and crisis of all time and let me tell ya alot of people will be hurting, and even dying from this upcomming event but the ones who hold real money , real wealth " physical silver" Will not only survive but will prosper as this will be the biggest transfer of wealth in all of history for us! just like in the great depression there was alot who lost everything but on the other side of that coin there were more millionairs made in that time in history then any other and it was because they seen it happening and they had the answer and the answer was then and will be now and thats having tangible assets , tangible wealth out of the whole paper system and banks, i have 3 motto's for agsilverdojo bullion " silver the element of change,prosperity, security, and only real money". And " if u dont hold it ...u dont own it" And last but not least " In the end it will be all about the oz count and we were smart enough to stack some" Anyway all 3 have great meaning and they speak the truth, anyway this is why i started stacking and protecting my sons future , i started agsilverdojo bullion with the sole purpose of protecting and securing his life and future, i came up with micro minting my own rounds and series in the belief " let silver grow silver" my goal is to put everything, any profits or gains back into silver and minting my designs and at the same time stacking it all for him and his future or for when the crash happens my son, wife and me are protected from this economic shit that storm that is only a matter of when and not if, anyway my advice to anyone is to keep stacking and know the minipulation by the corrupt banking cartel is at its end game and i have seen there ponsey scheem years back and knew that they are supressing the price and acumalating as much as they can at there supressed price and i think either they are going to take there finger off the keyboard and let true supply and demand take over in a free market or they go long this time and minipulate it the other way to cash in on the biggest ponsey scheem in history when they turn there millions into trillions, either way i know this is the end game and end result and we should thank jp morgan , city bank, hspc, and duchebank for giving us the biggest opertunity to buy silver at this sale supressed fixed prices and thank them again when you are cashing in and have your day to shine.. Believe me i believe this whole heartedly and i am betting everything on it and my ,my sons and wifes future on this because i see it is the biggest investment opertunity and transfer of wealth ever to happen when it does ! do not lose faith my fellow friends and silver stackers , and remember this is not a get rich fast investment, its a slow one that carry's no counterparty risk and is insurance for now and like a good old wine ,the longer you let it sit the better the taste when it finally pops! anyway keep stacking and know this is your opertunity to stack even harder as they supress the price and in the end the bigger the rewards!! Jason scott (aka) " silver sensei". ( hit link below for my website and blog) and you can not buy on that website, i have the cart locked until the rekease date in aprox 30-60 days ! but if you want presale with 10% off and free shipping and lowest mintage numbers go to my other tempory website ( agsilverdojo.simpl.com) and check out using paypal , or if u need other payment methods just email me ( agsilverdojobullion@gmail.com)


interested in signing this petition to help stop silver manipulation? And help the silver stackers/silver physical investors/and silver mining companies get justice from the thievery of the banking cartel and too big to fail with JP manipulations running this silver poker casino ,as I stated I say thank you for the silver on sale and so undervalued most valuable asset but this needs to end and we cash in our chips and see the house bust and go to the big house with none of there 500 million + oz and us silver stackers/silverbugs/silver physical investors and silver mining companies finally get our day in court and see justice done that has been a long time in the waiting and our crazy conspiracy theories a conspiracy fact!! Sign this petition if u are one of the players in this corrupt game that only the big banks i.e. JP manipulations have the royal strait flush, we can't beat that hand but what we can do is call a cheat a cheater and end there paper games!



Your all welcome to share my blog posts and this petition!!

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